Girls and Boys
no matter who you are
if you have ability
you can choose
Let's turn on the light
Or silence in the dark night
How will you spend your time without moonlight
at the night

Maybe the heaven is so high
But we can't give up flying
The hawk can't be the king of sky
without falling down over again
The tiger can't be the king of forest
without trainning all the time
The destiny want to spellbind my eye
There is strong winds blowing
I can't cry
I don't want to be sheep

The sun has risen in the east
I wanna succeed
I wanna travel galaxy
I wanna travel everywhere
I wouldn't lose courage
even if I should fail thousand times
I wanna change my life
Though the mountain of dream is high
I never give up
I believe I will achieve my dream
No one can destroy my courage
I'm desperate for success
It's a delight to achieve dream


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